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sooo..... how have you been?


In receiving my monthly "Alumni Update" from BBC... and then realizing that I'm in the update, and that my blog is in the update... I figured it'd probably be a good idea to let everyone know what I've been up to recently!

WOW! What a crazy month. Knowing that Christmas Camp was right around the corner and the stresses of our intense schedule would soon come to a drastic halt was always an encouraging thought. One of my host families took us to Downtown Disney for supper - I've never been to Disney World (and still haven't...) but it was so fun walking around the shops and looking at all the Christmas lights! The girls and I had a fantastic time.
Now for the big one... on December 23rd the children made a guest appearance on Jay Leno! Preparation for it made out for a very busy week, but we had so much fun in the end. I conducted for it, which was awesome! I had so much fun, and the children were wonderful!
Christmas Camp hit as soon as Jay Leno was over, and we very quickly made ourselves at home at a wonderful place called Gleanings for the Hungry in Dinuba, CA. There we played lots of soccer, games, read a lot of books, had Christmas together, yada yada yada. Our big task for the time off came later into the break - getting ready for our Opus concerts in -

OPUS! A tiny little glorious taste of what Choir 34 is doing with Journey of Hope. Rather than our regular church concerts, the children performed in large Theaters in Arizona and California. We started in Phoenix, and worked our way back up to Dinuba for one final night at Gleanings. I absolutely loved it. I realized as I walked back stage that I miss doing theater - though my personal experience is somewhat limited, I grew up in rehearsals for shows. It was wonderful. I got to stand in the back with flashlights in my white gloves and conduct the children, which was probably the most hilarious looking thing I've done in a really long time. Kind of bizarre... but fun. The children loved the little excursion into JOH, doing something new and different than the norm gave them new energy and enthusiasm for tour. It was a wonderful, wonderful week.....
Quickly after that we jumped right back into church concerts and have been going strong ever since. Every day a new place, with new faces and new challenges. Ahh... the joys of tour.

We started the month on a proper note: a day off on Alcatraz. It was fascinating - and we were keeners. We were the first to answer all the tour guides questions. Go us.

So... that may have been a very brief, semi-mundane entry. But as a general, quick gist of what's been going on here on Tour 35.. I suppose it will do!