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leaving on a jet plane


It's that time again - that time when I pack my bags and peace out of town! 

For nearly two years I lived on a bus full of wonderful Africans.  Two groups of people that quickly became my second and third families.  I learned about their cultures, languages, tribes, cities, villages, families..... I realned how to tark with my L's and my R's arr mixed alound.  I learned to sing countless songs in languages I don't know and how to shake my cabina with the best of the white folk.

All the while, looking forward to the day when I could walk on their soil with them and experience their homeland as they have experienced mine. 

Well, friends....

From October 3 - 29 I will be able to experience life in Africa with my kids.  God blessed me with incredible friends - I mean INCREDIBLE friends, the kind that say, "We know this has been on your heart since your first choir, so here's the money to get that plane ticket and go to Africa." Amazed, humbled, thankful, affirmed, loved, blessed. 

And these beautiful people? I'll see them in two weeks. 

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  1. That is exciting news! I'm glad you are on my blogrole. I may have missed this otherwise. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing more great pictures.