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sunshine and green grass


Today was lovely. We enjoyed the sunshine outside in a huge grassy courtyard at the church (I may have enjoyed it a bit too much - as I got sunburned, on HALF of my face because of the way my hair was resting.... dang...).

In attempts to be a tad bit more frequent with my blog.... here you have it: Windows 7 to work:

1- had a nice little "So what's it like to be 8 years old?" chat with Priscilla, who's birthday was on Saturday. Then she stole my shoes. Ahh yes, the joys of being eight.

2- wrote some thank-you notes. Don't get too hopeful though - I only finished four.

3- enjoyed the hot tub with Stacy & the girls.

4- enjoyed the hot tub with Stacy after the girls went to bed - while watching Anastasia with the subtitles (since the jets were too loud) and drinking mango juice (that gave Stacy heartburn). I love when doing things like that at a complete stranger's house is just another Monday night.

5- sat in the sunshine. Did I mention how nice the sunshine was today? and the green grass? because it was truly spectacular.

Jonah, Alesha, Derrick, Ivy, Grace, Eunice, Priscilla & I on Goofy's couch at DISNEYLAND! I'll talk about that another time. perhaps.

I'd like to call this one, "Windows 7"


Blogging (verb [blaw-ghing]): Writing your thoughts and/or experiences on the world-wide-web for the world to see.

Now, to me:

Blogging (noun [blah-ghing]): The silent thing for which I usually have very, very few words & subconsciously choose not associate myself with, most of the time (ratio of posts to days on tour, like, 1/100?).

*insert awkward/shameful silence here.

Not that I don't have lots to say, you need only meet me to know that.

But on the web? oi. I like lists and order. If I were lame enough I would actually fill out those things on facebook etc. that say "List 4 places that you'd like to visit, 4 People you'd like to go with, 4 things you'd bring..." yada yada. But I don't care about what those things say, and nobody else does either.

However, my life at this point is a tad bit more exciting than "1. Haiti, 2.Central Asia, 3.Kenya, 4.Uganda" and I'm under the slightest impression that the unnatural affinity I have for blah-ghing may need to be forced... *sigh.

My solution for this dilemma is to create a system that doesn't scare me into writing random thoughts each day or giving a mundane synopsis of my life in three paragraphs or less. So while I am currently feeling inspired, here I go.

As often as I remember, I'm just going to list good things that happened during the day and maybe stick a picture in for visual interest. Simple. That is a way of blah-ghing that doesn't trick me into being too deep or too dull. OK.

March 1, 2010

- We are at a wonderful church, full of extremely hospitable, kind, generous people

- I have great hosts that are fun, clean, and simple

- John has a hard time saying his "R's" when there's really an "R" and not an "L" and today he was talking about how he will see Tinkle Bell at Disney tomorrow, which inspired Alex to sing "Tinkle Bell, Tinkle Bell, Tinkle all the way."

- I got a beautiful dress today that is completely casual AND dressy AND it folds into a tiny, tiny ball so I can fit it in my suitcase. It's a triple win.

- The children gave me so many random hugs today, it was LOVE-ly.

Above: What happens when it's a Play-Travel-Sunday (with flamingos).
Cover your bases, right?

Okay. New system... has... starTeD.. w ilL no-t cRa.shhhh...