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cause for celebration


This life is temporary.

What's that? You knew? You mean, you were previously aware that the fountain of youth doesn't truly exist?

Well, phew. Glad you're in the loop.

So then, death. How's that one go? Permanent, you say? (Insert loud, annoying buzzer to indicate that you are wrong. No money for you, no prize, Vana isn't going to wave her dainty manicured hands in front of a new RV that is soon to be yours.)

Media, phone calls, Facebook statuses, you name it. It hasn't been twenty-four hours yet, and the world is talking about the death of one man. When was the last time that happened? Hopefully you say, "Last weekend!" But for the truth. Probably not since Saddam was killed on December 30, 2006 (and yes, that is my birthday). I hear tell of people in New York dancing in the streets, newspapers claiming victory, a time of celebration.

I must ask though, what events must occur for your celebration meter hit a high ten? When someone diagnosed with cancer is healed, is the meter going up? When you get a new car, are the numbers high? When your friends get married, dial pointing to the right? When one starving child receives food to sustain them, is it a ten? Chances are, no. You may think yes - and go ahead. Argue with me. Sure. Do it. But you know the truth. Because those things, like it or not, are not permanent. You know it's possible when someone is declared cancer free, that it may come back. Your new car isn't going to last forever. You know that the divorce rate is higher than ever. You know that a starving child who receives food will likely be hungry again. Your meter is probably higher than normal, but I'm guessing only an eight or nine. Those things aren't always permanent, and you know it.

But death.

Surely, that's it. The Osama Bin Laden problem is solved simply because he is dead. Over. Fini. The End.

Was evil defeated? Was justice served? Why yes, yes it was. Two-thousand years ago.

Now, I'm at a high ten.

Bin Laden wreaked havoc on our country, our people, our families, and now he is dead. Are we so confident to celebrate, thinking that another will not rise in his absence? Last night a man faced judgement greater than any other. Heaven? Hell? You don't know. You cannot deny that Osama Bin Laden may be in heaven right now. You don't know what happened in those last hours, minutes, even seconds before his death. Jesus uses dreams and visions in the Islamic world in powerful ways, often called hallucinations over here in the West. We can be so pathetically scientific.

And if he is in Hell, dare we celebrate at the face of a man now suffering eternal damnation? Sick.

Is it possible to pray for the soul of a man to be saved - quickly - before the troops we're also praying for shoot him dead? Was Jesus kidding when he said, "Love your enemies, and pray for those that persecute you"? Did Solomon have a momentary lapse in wisdom when he wrote, "Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles"? (Luke 6:27, Proverbs 24:17) I agree with the criminal justice system. I believe it is God's place to judge. I believe justice must be served. I believe forgiveness is required. I believe there is a time for peace and a time for war.

This, friends, is not the end. For us, for them, for him.

So will I celebrate?

Christ defeated death. Through him there is eternal life in Heaven.

How about we celebrate that.