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"We used to go to church, but then they started using the Bible SO MUCH."


This past week someone asked me, "Were you the one up there singing last Sunday?"  And so I said yes, that was me.  And he said, "Ahh, yeah, I thought so.  You know we haven't come to church a lot lately, last week was the first time in about 8 months." And I answered, "Oh yeah?" Then came the answer that made me so proud of my church:

"We used to go a lot.  Back when they did more sketches and they didn't use the Bible so much.  But now, it's just not the same.  Bible, Bible, Bible."

And a great big high-five to every single staff member at Crosswinds.

Church should be that way.  It should use the Bible.  "Bible, Bible, Bible."  That's the point.  Learning about it and being challenged by it and worshipping the God that wrote it all.  Together, one big giant family.

I encouraged the person that told me this to keep coming back to church.  I said the Bible is good, it should be used so much - and he said hesitantly, "yeah..."

Dear Crosswinds, kudos to a job well done.

the emotions of fall


I think about my children every day.

No, forget that.

Every hour.  My beautiful African babies that I was so blessed to spend 16 months with on the road.  I miss them terribly, and I have an extremely hard time accepting that it has been nine months since I have seen them.  Time flies by in ways I'm just not willing to accept.  Soon it will be one year since tour.  How does that even happen?

December 6, 2010 we North American Aunties and Uncle stood in the DC airport waving at the top of the escalator as our children disappeared out of sight, and we stood there. Helpless. Tears flowing, hearts full from our time together but completely empty as our precious babies were now on their way back to Africa.  It was cold outside - freezing actually. I remember walking around downtown DC in my ginormous Kermit the Frog coat, enjoying every last moment I had with the Aunties before we too parted ways.

December 6 was easily the single hardest day I've experienced.... maybe ever.

But the days leading up to it, the months, they were beautiful.  Wonderful.

Fall, 2010. It was the best.