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I promise, I used to be an English teacher.


Since traveling with the children, and since many of them are just still learning English, there are a few phrases/habits I have picked up from them. For example...

1. Over annunciating.
"GooD morning RiTah. HoW are you ToDay?

2. Forgetting about contractions.
"You can not stand on the bus if the bus is moving. When it is stopped we will all stand up together."

3. The word "catch" and what it really means. The children often say "catch" in place of the words hold, take, and touch.
"Auntie, my shoes are catching me." (translation: her shoes are getting tight)
"Auntie, catch this for me." (translation: take this water bottle out of my hand)
"Auntie, I was catching the seat and then I fell!" (translation: I was holding on to the seat and it fell)

4. Toilet = Washroom = Bathroom.
Potato, Poh-taa-toe - or is it?

5. Pronouns - overrated?
"Auntie, this one she is funny!"

6. Over-use of "me" "myself" and "I"
"Me, I used to like cheese."

we've been... doing lots of things!


not so sure about the raspberries:
roasting marshmallows:
Eunice & I:
museum (this thing was so cool):

At the aquarium:

during playtime:
a host family's beautiful garden:

It's been a busy couple weeks! stories to come!