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RIP - or not.


Rest in peace.

What does that mean? Do we actually mean that? Rest in peace? When someone dies, do they actually "rest in peace?" 

I doubt it.

I looked up where this phrase came from; and of course, the Catholics came up and more than even the origin of the phrase was it's original Latin and how to properly pronounce the "ce" sound (it's like "kay" in case you were wondering).  It did say that it has to do with the soul and body resting in peace until they are re-united on judgement day.  I don't know about you, but if my body at any point becomes worm food, I'm pretty sure I don't want it back on judgement day. I'll take that new one, Jesus, please, please... 

a post for progress


I was talking with a friend of mine tonight about her recent conversion to the "hippy" life.  Then I mentioned how quickly my little hippy conversion happened. Like... in the course of about fifteen minutes.

Then I thought, the garden (what else?).  The transformation from last year to this year - for a piece of land untouched by anyone really... but me (occasionally with help)... it's pretty dramatic.  See?

June 2012/April 2013

what those idiots on pinterest don't tell you


[Disclaimer. There are two ways you can read this. You can think 1: My stars this girl complains a lot...  I'm disgusted with her attitude. OR 2: My stars this girl complains a lot... but it's funny and I'm going to learn from her mistakes - while having a good laugh.]

11: Grow all my own herbs and veggies.

The garden.

My precious, wonderful, well-loved garden.

The soil kind of sucks and is mostly full of roots from the trees I chopped down last year.  It's 99.9% ready-to-throw-in-a-kiln clay and therefore the plants struggle to form roots like truth struggles to permeate through the liber... oh wait. I probably shouldn't say that.

So I decided I'd build raised beds and use the topsoil that I could scrape up and pull the roots out of, mix it with manure and compost, and at least give the plants a chance.

And then I did what any good innovator would do and scoured Craigslist for free pallets because there is no way I'm going to go buy wood. And I found some!