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sunshine and green grass


Today was lovely. We enjoyed the sunshine outside in a huge grassy courtyard at the church (I may have enjoyed it a bit too much - as I got sunburned, on HALF of my face because of the way my hair was resting.... dang...).

In attempts to be a tad bit more frequent with my blog.... here you have it: Windows 7 to work:

1- had a nice little "So what's it like to be 8 years old?" chat with Priscilla, who's birthday was on Saturday. Then she stole my shoes. Ahh yes, the joys of being eight.

2- wrote some thank-you notes. Don't get too hopeful though - I only finished four.

3- enjoyed the hot tub with Stacy & the girls.

4- enjoyed the hot tub with Stacy after the girls went to bed - while watching Anastasia with the subtitles (since the jets were too loud) and drinking mango juice (that gave Stacy heartburn). I love when doing things like that at a complete stranger's house is just another Monday night.

5- sat in the sunshine. Did I mention how nice the sunshine was today? and the green grass? because it was truly spectacular.

Jonah, Alesha, Derrick, Ivy, Grace, Eunice, Priscilla & I on Goofy's couch at DISNEYLAND! I'll talk about that another time. perhaps.

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